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Your home is your sanctuary.

At Modern Landscape, we don't create landscapes, we create emotions. We create places to invite friends over for barbecues and parties.

This comes easy for us.

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Landscape design need not be boring and typical. Creating warm and inviting environments which homeowners and businesses are proud to show off to their neighbors is what we love doing.

We accomplish this for you by first listening to your inspirations and then coming together as a team to create fresh ideas that will work within your budgetary needs.

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Why Choose Us Over Other Contractors

  • Family Owned

  • You talk to a family member, not an employee.
    Unlike many of our fellow landscapers, the person who answers the phone, takes the measurements, listens to your needs and wants, and hand crafts your design is a member of our family, not an employee.

  • We always show up... and on time!

  • Because one of us shows up, you get that extra little attention to detail because it's our family business, our passion, and you are our most important business asset.

Landscaping Las Vegas Since 2004

We have resided in Las Vegas for over 25 years... and like the heading above says, we've been landscaping Las Vegas since 2004.

We are state certified by the Nevada State Contractors Board and are a fully insured landscape company. Hardscapes, landscapes, yard face lifts, and more... you name it and we can get it done for you.

Feel free to browse our gallery of landscape designs for customers and read a few testimonials if you'd like to see a little more of our work and what we can do for you.

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Need a Landscape Designer?

Don't know how much rock you're suppose to order? Not sure what plants fit your lifestyle or how to create a themed garden design which kicks butt?

Tom Hoff and his son, Branden, give the 1-2 punch when it comes to Modern Landscape design. If you're looking to install a landscape yourself but would first like to consult a landscape designer who knows all about our Las Vegas climate and can create a design which you can implement yourself, check out Tom's DIY landscape designer page or give Tom and Branden a call.

If you're ready to get started, our number is 702-467-5645. Our quotes are free and we are always on time!

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