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Adding Color To a Las Vegas Landscape

By Modern Landscape

One common complaint heard from people who want to do landscaping in Las Vegas is that it can be difficult to brighten up their property with plants.

With the low levels of rain and other natural water sources it can be difficult to find a good variety of plants which will add color to your yard without having to spend a fortune on bringing water onto your property.


It is becoming easier today to find a larger variety of plants which are very tolerant to the low water levels and high amounts of heat which is making it much easier for most people to beautify their property fast.

One of the most common ways to add color to your yard is by finding flowering plants which, when bloomed, create beautiful and bright additions to a property.

Today many different flowering plants can be imported from other hot parts of the country or even other countries around the world.

One prime example of a flowering plant which will thrive in the hot Las Vegas weather is the Lantana, or “Dallas Red”. The Dallas Red has a big cluster of red or orange flowers which can fade to lighter colors and even yellow with time.

It will grow to around twenty inches in height and up to twenty four inches in width which makes it a great addition to many gardens.

Flowering plants are just one great way to add color to your property. Many people will add different trees which can also add some variety to the landscape.

There are several options when it comes to choosing a tree for adding color to your yard.


One option is picking a fruit bearing tree which will, of course, produce colorful fruits. The other option is to grow flowering trees like the mimosa tree which will add both beautiful green fern like leaves but also bright dark pink flowers which resemble pin cushions.

An additional benefit to adding this unique tree to your yard is that it attracts many different types of colorful birds to its flowers. The mimosa tree will have no trouble growing to its full height of thirty feet in the hot climate.

When planning out your landscape, make sure you learn about how the different plants and trees will grow together.

Some plants may need lots of sun which could be blocked by the large leaves of some trees.

It is better to find a plant and tree combination which will compliment the needs of each other to get the best possible results.

Whether you choose to go with flowering plants or trees, or if you choose to find other great ways to bring additional color and beauty to your yard, it is important to learn all you can about every plant you consider.

Most plants and trees have a specific water and temperature requirement to which it is best suited.

If you attempt to plant something which is not accustom to the hot and dry climate of Las Vegas, it won’t last very long at all.

With a little research you’ll surely find a great set of trees and plants which will bring new life to your property in no time.

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