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EZ-FLO: Fertilize Your Landscape Automatically

By Modern Landscape

Have you ever looked out into your yard and thought…

“I really should get out there and fertilize the grass and plants.”

Then you remember the million and one other things you need to do with your time.

The EZ-FLO automatic fertilizer system is the answer to simplifying the fertilization process of your precious landscape–and Modern Landscape can get it installed for you.

You spent a lot of time and money getting your landscape off to a good start, the trick after the initial installation then is keeping it thriving and healthly. Hiring a maintenance company (ask us about that as well) is great for upkeep and cleanup…

But the EZ-FLO fertilizer system will work to keep your landscape healthy and strong with every watering, automatically. It doesn’t even require electricity.

Here’s some more before and after images. The first 2 are after one year of using the EZ-FLO and the last set of images spans 2 years.

About The EZ FLO and Installation

Does Modern Landscape Offer EZ FLO Installations?

We do offer the fertilizer system and install with your landscape design and installation, however we do not offer one-off installs.

Already have an EZ FLO system and need to refill it? Read our article Refilling Your EZ-FLO System.

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