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Refilling Your EZ-FLO System

By Modern Landscape

You’ve got the EZ-FLO automatic fertilizer system… awesome. You can find more info about the system including the online manual on their website.

There are also a few videos online you can watch which might help you through refilling the tank. Just search refill ez flo youtube and you’ll find a number of videos to help walk you through the process.

In general, here are the products you will need to purchase to refill your EZ FLO and how much we use. You will want to refill your system the first week of each season.

Grow More 20-20-20 (link to Amazon)

Grow More 20-20-20
Use about 1 and 1/2 quarts for the refill
One bag will do about 5 refills

Super Bloom (link to Amazon)

Super Bloom
Use 1 Canister to refill

Super Thrive (link to Amazon)

Super Thrive
Only 4oz with each refill

Here is how your install should look…

Easy Flo Installed
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