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Tips For Your Front Yard Landscape Design

By Modern Landscape

Putting a pretty face on your property by landscaping your front yard makes good sense.

The front yard landscape design is the face of your house that you show to the neighborhood…and everyone wants to make a good impression.

A beautiful front yard welcomes you home with style, reflecting your sense of beauty and satisfying your need for harmony. It provides spaces to showcase features like flower beds and borders, a beautiful wall, an interesting flagstone walkway. And it adds value to your property should it come time to sell. Real estate agents estimate nice landscaping can boost the value by as much as a third.

The typical front yard contains a lot of wasted space. Often a high maintenance lawn starts at the street and runs to the front of the house. If you want to use the lawn as a place to relax and read a book or practice chipping golf balls, you’ll do it in full view of everyone in the neighborhood.

The front yard often offers very little privacy, interest or value. Instead it becomes a place of work, a vast are that needs to be mowed and trimmed every weekend.

I will show you how to create a little privacy and interest to the front yard and assess your front yards value as a place you and your family can use and enjoy.

Fences and Walls

Nothing provides privacy more than a fence. Not every home and front yard should be fenced but it is an option to consider. Fencing a front yard provides security, keeps pets and kids from roaming the neighborhood, supports climbing and flowering plants, and provides a backdrop for flower beds.

Paths and Walkways

Add interest to a formal approach to the front door by making the walkway meander. Create flowerbeds that border both sides of the walkway.

Using the Slope

Some houses are built at the top of a slope that descend to street level. Most home owners consider slopes to be a problem, but they actually offer great opportunities for creative landscaping. Instead of a flat walkway, a sloping yard can have steps and landings from the street to the house.

Think of the steps and landings as viewing platforms. Here you can showcase flowerbeds, specimen trees or a favorite grouping of shrubs.

Remember to keep it low maintenance.

Include some grass in the front but not so much that your weekends are spent walking miles behind a lawn mower. Keep it simple and small and add low maintenance plants and trees.

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