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Using Fruit Trees in Las Vegas Landscaping

By Modern Landscape

When planning a landscaping project for your property, many people like to include fruit bearing trees as part of their design.

There are many different options to choose from so virtually everyone is sure to find a tree which both looks great and produces delicious fruit every year.

Fruit Trees

Depending on your particular needs you can choose to transplant a fully grown fruit tree or start one out from a seedling and watch it grow over the years.

There are some concerns which need to be considered such as dealing with fruit eating insects and picking up fallen fruit, but overall most people agree that fruit trees can be a great addition to any Las Vegas landscaping design.

The hot and dry weather of Las Vegas is ideally suited for several different types of fruit trees including apricots, peaches and plums.

Some varieties of apple or cherry trees will also thrive but be sure that you choose the right type before buying. Some types of fruit trees need more water or cooler temperatures to survive.

Most people try to find a fruit tree that both looks great and also produces their favorite fruits.

This is often easy because most fruit trees have a great look to them and can add great color while the fruit is in season. Another thing to investigate before making a final decision on which types of trees to plant is how much fruit each tree will produce annually.

Some people are surprised at the amount each tree can produce and they end up with far more than they can use. While this may not be a huge concern, it can actually be seen as an opportunity to select several different types of trees so you can get a wide variety of fruits.


Many people who have mature fruit trees also enjoy canning the fruit and using it all year around. Most any landscape designer can benefit from using fruit trees to help improve the look of your property while also providing food to enjoy. One problem which some people run into is that if you want to eat the fruit of the trees you often have to protect it by using some sort of pesticides.

These pesticides are typically inexpensive and easy to apply but if done improperly you can lose all the fruit to insects or possibly even lose the tree due to diseases. Just keep in mind that you need to apply the pesticides as instructed by the manufacturer and there should be no problems.

No matter what types of fruit you enjoy, it can most likely be grown as part of a Las Vegas landscaping plan. This beautiful and creative idea will improve the look of your property and also allow you to enjoy your favorite fruits year after year.

Choosing your fruit trees can be a simple process as long as you have all the information about each type of tree and how they will grow in your climate.

So look through your options at the local nursery you’ll be planting and enjoying the fruits of your labor before you know it.

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