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What You Need to Know About Installing a Landscape Pond

By Modern Landscape

It doesn’t take a lot of water to soothe the soul. Even a small landscape pond can have a cooling effect both physically and psychologically.

The size of your landscape pond will be restricted by the space available, but you can make your pond almost any shape and style you wish.

The obvious spot for your pond is where everyone can enjoy it. But because kids find ponds irresistible, check with the local building department about any requirements for barriers, as well as setbacks from property lines, electrical circuits for pumps and lights, and pond depth.

Generally, landscape ponds less than 24-deep won’t need a building permit.

If you are planning to add plants and fish to the landscape pond, consider the climate in your area. The pond must be protected from strong winds and away from messy trees. Don’t choose a low-lying area in the yard that will constantly over flow in wet weather.

The backyard is only one place to build a pond. The addition of moving water to a front patio or a side yard can add interest and block the noise of passing traffic or noisy neighbors.

There are plenty of ways to harmonize the pond with its surrounding. A rock garden filled with native stones may suit a natural looking landscape. If next to a lawn, a wide concrete or stone lip overhanging the pond edge can be useful as a mowing strip. Near a wooden deck or arbor, an edging of redwood or other rot-resistant wood can link the structures together.

Plant borders can look especially lush along the pond and will help attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies.

A filter is not always necessary to keep the pond clear. A well balanced pond contains a healthy balance of fish and oxygenating plants. Fish feed on algae, as do water snails, which are a valuable addition to any landscape pond. Algae will thrive in sunlight, so planting surface plants such as water lilies, lotus and water hawthorn will provide coverage to minimize algae growth.

Koi require a pond at least 24-deep, a pump for aeration and a filtering system.

Landscape ponds can be done with either a flexible liner that can take on any shape or preformed shells that are available in a several shapes and sizes.

Adding a waterfall will bring the sound of splashing water to your landscape pond. A well designed waterfall resembles a never-ending flow of water.

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